Who is OtterFox Media?


OtterFox Media was founded by a group of seasoned veterans in the Performance Marko space. We have extensive experience in the personal finance arena, which just so happens to be our passion! Media Buying is our bread and butter, but we are a well-rounded ad agency and can handle any and every one of our client's needs. Our expertise is capturing the attention of users online, converting them into "clickers," and then ultimately  into "converters."  We leverages first & third party data to develop unique media-mixes that are solely optimized towards one thing... ROI for our clients and partners! Because that's all that matters at the end of the day.... right?

There is an old saying in Performance Marketing that "Data is Queen, but Content is King." The Otterfox Vision for Performance Solutions does not stop with Data-Driven Media Buys. We develop custom content for our industries of expertise, to allow our clients insight into their target audience's intent/timing to convert. From Native Advertising methods, Thought-Leadership pieces, Financial Guides, and owned and operated web-properties, we believe in creating "content that converts!" 


The Otterfox team came together under one roof for one reason: to provide our partners with high-quality, targeted, hungry consumers. We do this through our talents as performance marketers, but what sets us apart is how highly we value transparency, shared-risk, and accountability with those who choose to partner with us... 


We are not your average mammal. We are OtterFox;  Performance Marketers that Simply Outperforms...


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